About Us

We are a group of engineers we like to improve, learn, keep abreast of new technologies and a job well done.


Hirundo Hirundo

Hirundo Hirundo

Where do we come from?

Hirundo born from the initiative of a group of telecommunication engineers and computer engineers tired of doing work for others where they had no opportunity to contribute with their own technological innovative ideas in the projects where they were involved.

Also appears to cover the high demand that we were receiving individually each of us of projects that would require a wide range of technology skills (web development, consulting, training and multimedia edition) and in which we saw that nobody was offering solutions so global, in a customized way with low cost and we could not provide coverage for lack of time.

Where are we going?

We started slowly, but with the intention to be consolidated in this sector with more and more innovative products and global solutions for a wide range of common problems.


Why Hirundo?

Hirundo (swallows) is a common bird in most of the world, a global animal, as the technology that we develop in our services.

It's an animal close to humans as we have all seen it sometime, as close as Hirundo want to be with our customers.

At the same time, hirundos are experts in migration because they do it once a year. Hirundo wants to be an expert in technology migrations. To migrate your online business management, to migrate to a web environment, to migrate to new and/or updated technology, to migrate your knowledge.

Finally, hirundos with its sleek black and white plumage inspire us about the necessity and the importance to offer a clean, elegant, simple and quality products to our clients.

Nice to meet you

Hirundo CEO